• young, talented and malaysian

    bakat muda sezaman 2016

    Balai Seni gives recognition to emerging talents in support of an artistic career.

  • kampung baru: past, present, future

    the gentrification of kampung baru

    The seemingly stuck-in-time villages of Kampung Baru nestled among the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur have long been viewed as a symbol of Malay culture’s presence in the city. But as time catches up, what form will progress and development take?

  • by accident or design

    creating worlds on celluloid

    Renowned production designer Tunku Tommy Mansur on his journey to building extravagant film sets for local films.

  • art block

    zhongshan building @ kampung attap

    Kampung Attap gets rejuvenated with the repurposing of Zhongshan Building as an arts hub.  

  • ghost town

    bukit beruntung

    Located in the Hulu Selangor district, Bukit Beruntung (which literally translates to “Profitable Hill”) is now an ironic misnomer after many decades of failed development. Abandoned buildings, scarce infrastructure and poorly maintained public facilities continue to lead the township