• keeping the comics coming

    kadokawa gempak starz

    Despite tales of the modern market shuttering local comic book businesses, publishers Kadokawa Gempak Starz are healthily expanding as they hit the 20-year mark.

  • restoring dignity to night soil workers 

    the purge

    The job of a night soil worker has always been frowned upon by society, although they played an important role in the city’s sanitation development. This visionary Penang documentary film aims to dispel that taboo.

  • the dark cave illuminated

    limestone lovers

    With a history dating back 100 million years, there is more to the Dark Cave than just spiders and rocks. We speak to the passionate group of young environmentalists who are working hard to preserve it.

  • the cocoa channel

    made in malaysia

    Lee’s Cocoa adds a refreshing take to Malaysia’s age-old cocoa industry by producing all-natural chocolate products using the cacao it grows locally.

  • the ecotourism mine

    sungai lembing

    A town that once thrived on the tin mining industry, Sungai Lembing has since transformed into a popular weekend destination for ecotourism.