• far from junk

    junk bookstore

    While Malaysians can shop for brand new books in malls and at book expos, secondhand shops like Junk Bookstore offer an entirely different book-hunting experience. 

  • popular ceramics

    malaysian ceramic makers

    These contemporary Malaysian ceramic makers have turned their craft into both art and commerce.

  • hiking trails around kota kinabalu

    the great outdoors

    With hiking becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia, up your hiking game at these trails near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 

  • guardians of the river terrapin

    turtle conservation society of malaysia

    Chen Pelf Nyok, co-founder of the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, saves river terrapins by getting locals to see the value in behaving sustainably.

  • playing for change

    tajem senuai football club

    In Sarawak, a group of young Penan villagers are playing competitive football to change the future of their community.