• day in a life of a roti man

    mamak roti

    Once a common sight in residential areas, the roti man is a Malaysian cultural icon, but the threat of small profit margins and changing food demands push the profession further into obscurity. We follow one roti man on his typical day.

  • tides of change

    pulau ketam

    Pulau Ketam’s annual art festival has transformed the island.  

  • reach for the moon

    independence x

    For the past ten years, Malaysia’s Independence X team has been in a global competition to launch a spacecraft to the moon. As the competition reaches its final leg, team members Izmir Yamin and Bostami Ahmad share the motivations behind their commitment to the project.

  • a local’s guide to sungai buloh

    sungai buloh

    The quiet, industrial town in Selangor is putting itself back on the map thanks to its fascinating history, lush greenery and traditional eateries. 

  • man of steel

    mohd amran abdul ghani

    When he’s not saving lives as a full-time firefighter, Mohd Amran Abdul Ghani trains to become the very best IRONMAN triathlete.